Landscape Notes

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Far North

Far North, New Zealand.


Looking south from Putere Road.

Lake Rotonuiaha, Putere 4189

Janet M. Wilmshurst (1997) The impact of human settlement on vegetation and soil stability in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, New Zealand Journal of Botany, 35:1, 97-111.


Lake Rotonuiaha, also known as Putere Lake.


Te Hoe River

— Upper Te Hoe River valley, Willowflat, Wairoa.



— Poplar trees, Mohaka Coach Road.

— Poplar trees, Ruapapa Road.



Native Forest and Farmland

— Ngapuke, Arahi Station.

Ruakituri River

— Ruakituri River, Wairoa.

Te Iringaowhare Valley

— Te Iringaowhare Valley from Ruapapa Road.

State Highway 38

— North of Kaitawa, SH38.

West of Putere

— Dog Kennels.