Landscape Notes

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Category: Fringe Landscapes

The decision of when to apply the term landscape to a given group of land elements is difficult. Afterall, it seems that there may be landscapes within landscapes, and even other landscapes at the edges of these landscapes. The pictures here represent areas I call fringe landscapes: landscapes that occur near the periphery of other landscapes. Perhaps they delineate some sound sort of landscape boundary although this may not be definitive.

Tokomaru Bay

— Tokomaru Bay, East Cape.

— Tokomaru Bay, East Cape.

Waihi Goldmine

— Revegetation.  Martha Gold Mine, Waihi, New Zealand.

— Revegetation. Martha Gold Mine, Waihi, New Zealand.

The Pond

An artificial pond built on the edge of a farm by my Father, Mr M C Menneer, in 1995 to provide habitat for waterbirds and introduced wetland plants. When I pass by this pond there are often herons, ducks and cormorants in residence. In summer the pond is full of frogs and their cacophony of croaks and rasps can be heard across the greater landscape.

Pond. Hawke's Bay.

— Pond. Hawke’s Bay.

George Bolt Memorial Drive

This fringe landscape is adjacent to a large shopping precinct. I stood at the spot where the asphalt finished in the carpark and admired the Eucalyptus gums in the distance while thinking about the connectivity of these two contrasting landscapes. A pathway enables people to move freely from one landscape to the other, and provides an opportunity for users to experience and to ponder these two distinctly different places.

Tethered saplings. George Bolt Memorial Drive, Manukau City.

— Gums and tethered saplings. Manukau City.



Martha Goldmine

The Martha Mine is situated in the Waihi township, and the processing plant, waste rock embankments, water treatment plant and Favona Mine are located two kilometres away in a rural area. Because of its location, Waihi mining operations have received a high level of public scrutiny. This is reflected by the stringent conditions set for the projects.

Signage. Martha Mine, Waihi.